Looking for an independent contractor to develop and manage your corporate messaging and public relations campaigns?

Or maybe you just need somebody to

write attention-grabbing marketing copy. If so, here’s a link to my writing portfolio.

that’s what I do

I take 25 years of experience as a writer for marketing, advertising, and public relations, add work processes founded on the newest streamlined communications technologies, to get your message out clearly and cost effectively.

Whether it's developing and implementing creative and strategic media-relations programs, developing and writing email marketing campaigns, or writing results-driven marketing and sales-promotion collateral materials, I have a proven track record of successful work, stellar media contacts, and satisfied clients.

WHAT CAN I do for you?

Let me know if you'd like to find out how my qualifications might fit your immediate or long-term business communications needs.




  1. Public relations - B2B | B2C

  2. Media relations

  3. Crisis communications

  4. Corporate messaging

  5. Branding and naming

  6. Marketing copywriting

  7. Social-media consulting

proven experience

  1. Consumer technology

  2. Financial services

  3. Gaming

  4. Hardware | Software

  5. Healthcare

  6. Market research

  7. Publishing

  8. Real estate

  9. Retail

  10. Consumer products


  1. IBM

  2. SAP

  3. The NPD Group

  4. Boston Consulting Group

  5. National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)

  6. American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

  7. Kudu Energy

  8. Baskin Robbins

  9. NRF |

  10. Conde Nast | Conde Net

  11. Smartmoney Magazine

  12. Ecohealth Alliance (Wildlife Trust)

  13. DisplaySearch

  14. Solarbuzz

  15. IHS Markit, Ltd.

  16. Mandarin Oriental Residences